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Este projecto tem como principal finalidade juntar e dar a conhecer o que melhor se faz em Portugal nas áreas de software livre, software de código aberto e de software proprietário sem custos monetários para o utilizador, como por exemplo o freeware, careware, postalware, etc... Mas com principal relevância para o Software Livre e software de código aberto.

Atenção: Software Livre, Software de Código Aberto e Software Gratuito não são a mesma coisa.

HTTP client request class

\"A PHP Class to make arbitrary HTTP requests.\"(Manuel Lemos)

"HTTP client class is a PHP class that implements requests to Web resources using the HTTP protocol. It features the ability to submit HTTP requests with any method, to any page, to any server, connecting to any port. It supports secure connections (HTTPS) via the Curl SSL library or a non-SSL proxy server, supporting SSL client certificates. It comes with a function to simplify setting up the connection and the request from a given URL. It can submit requests via a proxy server, and it supports user-defined request headers. It also supports POST requests with a user-defined array of form values, POST requests with a user-defined request bodies, and requests to sites hosting virtual Web servers. It retrieves the HTTP response headers and body data separately. Connection and data transfer timeout settings, HTTP basic authentication, session and persistent cookies, and automatic request redirection handling are supported."(Manuel Lemos)

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