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Este projecto tem como principal finalidade juntar e dar a conhecer o que melhor se faz em Portugal nas áreas de software livre, software de código aberto e de software proprietário sem custos monetários para o utilizador, como por exemplo o freeware, careware, postalware, etc... Mas com principal relevância para o Software Livre e software de código aberto.

Atenção: Software Livre, Software de Código Aberto e Software Gratuito não são a mesma coisa.


\"The NanoProlog system implements a WAM based minimal Prolog system. It may be useful for the development of simple applications, to make quick experiments, or to incorporate in more ambitious software. There are other free software Prolog systems available that are *much* more complete than NanoProlog (although bulky) such as SB-Prolog.\"

"The main advantage of NanoProlog is that is small, manageable and yet reasonably fast.

NanoProlog is a compiler but provides an interpreter-like interface.

NanoProlog is written in C. It has been tested on the Macintosh using the THINKC 5.0 compiler and on several other machines running Unix using the gcc compiler: Vax, Next, Mips, Alpha, Sparc, R6000, HP. It should be compatible with 32 and 64 bit machines with at least 3 bits available for tags in the data addresses (see files "NanoProlog.h" and "Terms.h").

The supported system predicates are those described in "Introduction to Logic Programming" by Clocksin, Springer Verlag).

NanoProlog has several shortcomings: [1] no garbage collection, [2] no debugger, [3] few system predicates.

NanoProlog supports threads (Modula-2 like coroutines).

NanoProlog system is experimental software. There is no support for it, neither documentation (besides the included "_README" file).

NanoProlog was originally written in 1989, while the author was studying implementation techniques for Prolog.

The costumization for the particular host machine is made in the file "NanoProlog.h". In most of the cases it sould be enough to #define a suitable symbol at the top of the file. The file "" is required at boot time."

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