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Este projecto tem como principal finalidade juntar e dar a conhecer o que melhor se faz em Portugal nas áreas de software livre, software de código aberto e de software proprietário sem custos monetários para o utilizador, como por exemplo o freeware, careware, postalware, etc... Mas com principal relevância para o Software Livre e software de código aberto.

Atenção: Software Livre, Software de Código Aberto e Software Gratuito não são a mesma coisa.


"Quinoa is a framework written in PHP for web application development that follows the MVC architectural pattern.

The framework is flexible and scalable, thus allowing for limitless level of complexity.

Quinoa requires PHP 5.x or higher. It uses an object oriented approach and follows PEAR's naming convention for its code. It uses the Smarty Template Engine in its Presentation Layer and Context Files written in XML to define pages properties. Presently, Quinoa Data Layer has support for the MySQL and Sybase dialects. It allows for a good level of abstraction, with elegant code and well defined data structures, that integrates easily with yours or Quinoa's templates. The Business Layer uses Ajax technology for designing forms and applying the defined business rules and validations easily, efficiently and with modern interfaces.

Quinoa offers also Authentication, Session and Error Handling functionalities that integrates with your applications as needed."

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