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Este projecto tem como principal finalidade juntar e dar a conhecer o que melhor se faz em Portugal nas áreas de software livre, software de código aberto e de software proprietário sem custos monetários para o utilizador, como por exemplo o freeware, careware, postalware, etc... Mas com principal relevância para o Software Livre e software de código aberto.

Atenção: Software Livre, Software de Código Aberto e Software Gratuito não são a mesma coisa.



"Kuki Linux is a lightweight Ubuntu-based Linux distribution founded by João Ferro (leak), built to be a replacement for the Linpus Lite distribution on the Acer Aspire One."


YouGrabber is a lightweight, command line video downloader, made from scratch in ANSI C. It’s known to compile/run out of the box, on several POSIX platforms (GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOSX, Cygwin), and computer architectures (x86, x86_64, PPC).


"The NanoProlog system implements a WAM based minimal Prolog system. It may be useful for the development of simple applications, to make quick experiments, or to incorporate in more ambitious software. There are other free software Prolog systems available that are *much* more complete than NanoProlog (although bulky) such as SB-Prolog."


"fish stock assessment for R"

"fsap is a bundle of R packages that implements several models and processes used in Fisheries Science. The main purpose is to allow a Fisheries Scientist or Student to do a full stock assessment within the R environment."

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